Sunday, June 21, 2009



I wanted the meeting space to be focused on equality within power, as I believe Prada and Madonna have around the same level influence as each other. The two lifts arrive at separate enterances, with a ramp then leading down to the central dining table where conversations and colaborations can take place.

Prada's office is influenced by her use of drapery within her collections, and hence has more organic shapes than Madonna's. I wanted to to appear to be a showroom for her collections, so I included some moving platforms where her designs can be showcased when completed, or hidden while still under design.

Madonna's office is influenced by the Kabbalah tree of life, with the diamond like shape. I also referenced, perhaps her most iconic 'looks', the conical shaped bra by repeating a number of cones outside the windows.

These are images from my final UT draft before my final map. The main change was the movers as they did not work properly and required alterations.

Image capture of dining table.

The dining table is meant to appear heavy and stable as to me 'power' represents stability and control. I wanted it to be quite equal as Madonna and Prada, I believe, are of equal power to each other.

Link to RapidShare to view model.

Image capture of Madonna's lift.

Madonna's lift was inspired by a stage design prop she has used in past performances, but it also corresponds to her religion's belief in birth and life by resembling an egg.

Link to RapidShare to view model.

Image capture of Prada's lift.

Prada's lift was inspired by the Prada boutique store designed by Architectural firm, Herzog & de Meuron, and also represents Prada's belief in reinventing the old.

Link to RapidShare to view model.

Monday, June 1, 2009

For some reason I was not able to import my sketchup models across to Unreal, even though I have been able to in the past. Will bring in my laptop tomorrow and hopefully someone will be able to help me sort this out.
Glass walls/windows for Madonna's office. Sides will stay same shape but become concrete within UT.

Beginnings of lift/mover for Madonna, based upon capsule from a stage performance.

Basic meeting space. I want the lines quite simple and heavy. Have to work on interesting and distinctive entrances for each client - probably from the sides, as both are equally powerful.

Re-worked Prada office. Inspired by parabolic curve of the stairs in the NYC store. Not sure how to not make the structure extruded whilst maintaining the line of the curve.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Draft of Prada's office.

Draft of Madonna's office.